What to do with a system / main profile?

System / Main profile is your default operating system profile which is in use, unless some other profile is selected or an supported application is started.

Your device comes with a "system profile" or "main profile" (name depends on what software version you are currently using) which is the default profile when using your operating system. System / Main profile is in use as long until you select another profile, or an application is started (which is supported by Loupedeck).

See also: Dynamic Mode, which relates to the automatic switching of the profile.

The fun comes in when you start customizing your System / Main Profile to suit your needs! Add all the desktop, custom and universal plugin actions you want to create the perfect control set.

Let's go through all the action types you can add into your system / main profile.


You can find all the default profile related desktop actions on the right side action menu by clicking on the OS-symbol.

Desktop actions include a large variety of shortcut and productivity actions such as a control center for the Volume Mixer and also widgets like Stop Watch.



사용자 지정 액션

custom actions-1You can also create custom actions like macros and keyboard shortcuts by first clicking on the Custom icon (see picture: purple icon marked with orange) and then the three dots on the right side of the custom actions menu.

custom actions menuThere a large variety of different kind of custom actions available from macros to shortcuts.

Please click here to learn more about creating custom actions and adjustments





With the help of plugins, you can add certain type of software actions into your system profile. Some of the supported plugins are Spotify, MIDI, Philips Hue, Streamlabs and Twitch -  and there are many more to come.

  1. menu_pluginsYou can control the plugin actions that are present on the right side action menu by clicking on the "Manage Plugins" text.

  2. You will see a plugin manager window pop up (see picture on the left) in which you can choose what plugins are active by clicking on the text box next to their name.





    What kind of actions are in my system / main profile by default?

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