Custom Profiles - Presonus Studio One 5

Streamline Studio One's one-window workflow even further with the help of a custom profile for Loupedeck CT & Live

Studio One 5 Custom Profile will allow users to

  • Access to all essential recording and editing tools and actions
  • Dial adjustments for zooming and nudging
  • Access to views, markers and scenes - actions
  • Transport Actions
  • Quick access to Editing Tools, Recording Actions etc with the Loupedeck CT's Wheel

Instructions for use:

Import the Studio One 5 profile in the Loupedeck Software.

Add your Loupedeck Console as a MIDI device in the Studio One 5 Options / External Devices.

Now you can also create and use the Loupedeck MIDI Plugin actions in your custom Presonus Studio One 5 Profile.

Have fun!

Note: Keyboard language must be set to English for all shortcuts to work correctly.


Download the universal profile for all software versions from here (For Live and CT)


Separate.lp5 versions (not compatible with older software versions)

Windows: CT
Windows: Live