Custom Profiles - Filmora Wondershare

The Filmora Wondershare Custom Profile allows Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live users to efficiently navigate and create using the default shortcuts along with useful tools to enhance the workflow.

The Filmora Wondershare Custom Profile is made up of 3 different workspaces, one with general actions for Editing, a second one to access Effects, and the last Misc workspace to gather more useful actions. Each workspace can be used to intuitively navigate through the timeline.

Filmora Wondershare Custom Profile allows Loupedeck CT and LIVE users to:

  • Quickly navigate through the timeline
  • Access Edit Points or Markers with a dial
  • Trim or split clips with a button
  • Execute basic editing actions or a string of actions (macros) in a click of a button (such as creating 4 keyframes to the start and end of a clip with a 1sec gap in between)
  • access effects in Video and Color Tabs
  • Zoom in and out the timeline or rotate the image by 90deg using dials

Filmora Wondershare Custom Profile specifications:

  • Keyboard language must be set to English
  • Shortcuts have to be on defaults in Filmora
  • Created and tested with Filmora v10.5.2


Windows: Live
Windows: Live