Setting up Loupedeck LIVE and Loupedeck CT with Capture One

Tutorial for setting up Capture One for Windows and macOS.

Supported versions are:

  • Capture One v.11 - 13
  • Capture One 21 (v.14) or newer


Capture One (Windows) integration is based solely on using shortcuts. These shortcuts are defined in Capture One (which have multiple shortcut sets - one of them is designed to work with Loupedeck).

First we need to verify, that correct shortcut set is selected within Capture One:

  1. Open Edit menu
  2. Select 'Edit Keyboard Shortcuts'
  3. At the top: open the 'Set' drop-down menu. Select "Loupedeck_beta" as your shortcut set.
  4. Click 'Close' to get back to using Capture One.

Now everything should work!

MacOS & Capture One 21  (or newer)

Capture One (MacOS) integration uses mainly Apple-Script API to control the software, but some functionality is covered with shortcuts.

First we need to verify that Loupedeck console has permission to operate in macOS enviroment: Instructions here (opening in a new window).

Next step is to make sure that the correct shortcut set is in use:

  1. Launch Capture One
  2. Open Edit menu
  3. Select 'Edit Keyboard Shortcuts'
  4. At the top: open the 'Set' drop-down menu. Select "Loupedeck Default" as your shortcut set.

Note! If the shortcut file cannot be found, then you need to grant access rights (to your own macOS user profile) to be able to make changes to that folder - and re-install Loupedeck software after the permission have been granted. See instructions (Apple support).

MacOS & Capture One 20 (or older)

Supported version numbers: 11, 12 & 13 (also known as Capture One 20)

Older versions can be used utilizing keyboard shortcut based custom actions and custom adjustments. For this, you need to:

  1. Download: Loupedeck_beta.plist
  2. Download one profile based on your Loupedeck device:
  3. Copy the keyboard shortcut file here:
    • /Users/"username"/Library/ApplicationSupport/Capture One/KeyboardShortcuts
  4. In Capture One:
    1. Open Edit menu
    2. Select Edit Keyboard Shortucts
    3. Open Set drop-down menu
    4. select Loupedeck_beta
  5. Import the Capture One Extended profile:
    • Open Loupedeck software
    • Open Profile drop-down-menu
    • Click on "Import profile" located at the bottom of the menu