Windows Audio Control/Missing Audio Pages

볼륨 컨트롤 센터 액션을 터치 버튼에 적용하여 Windows 오디오 믹서를 제어할 수 있습니다.

Due to a lot of discrepancies in our service we decided to remove the dynamic page funcionality for now. You can still however control your audio with a new devic application called Control Center.

You can find the control center actions in Desktop/ Control Center folder in the actions panel (5.0 and higher) See picture 1 .
Picture 1

The same actions are available in the Media or Control Center folder in the Classic UI depending on the version (Versions 4.3.3 and previous) actions panel. See picture 2.
Picture 2

You can assign the control center to any available touch button. When you press the Volume Mixer Control Center action your device will display your windows mixer items in the touchbuttons and dials. Control Centers are identified with a orange color.

  Picture 3: On the left: Inputs and on the right: Outputs

Currently there are two different control centers for audio, input and output respectively.